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13 Style Mistakes That Can Make You Look Older

People who always want to look good usually pay attention to what they wear, how they present themselves, and what is trendy at the moment.

However, there are many mistakes that a lot of us make which make us look older. If you want to avoid those mistake, you should keep reading.

13 Style Mistakes That Can Make You Look Older

  1. Don’t wear a lot of black. Leave the black for some formal event where you want to look elegant, and include more vivid colours in your casual everyday look.
  2. Be careful when buying a jacket to fit your size and shape. If you wear one that is too big you will look older.
  3. Avoid wearing too long skirts because you will look older. The maximum length should be no longer than the middle of your ankle.
  4. Know your exact bra size that fits you well. Wearing a wrong size is bad for the breasts and can make you look older.
  5. Don’t wear too stretchy jeans. Instead, wear ones that make you look smaller and follow your shape.
  6. Wear glasses that will suit your face shape and will make you more seductive instead of geeky.
  7. Don’t wear jersey fabric because it’s known for not giving your body the best shape.
  8. Always show your décolletage and the neck in an appropriate way if you want to look younger.
  9. Buy comfy shoes instead of shoes that you can’t walk in them for a long time.
  10. Don’t wear scarfs when it isn’t cold outside since you will not look younger.
  11. Avoid wearing ‘’mom’’ jeans if you don’t want to look as the name suggests.
  12. You should also stay away from skirts that are too short as well because you can make yourself look cheap and vulgar.
  13. Always wear your exact size and avoid clothes that are too big and don’t fit you.

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