Coffe And Cinnamon COFFEE BREAK Here Is How Many Carbs You Should Eat on a Daily Basis to Promote Weight Loss!

Here Is How Many Carbs You Should Eat on a Daily Basis to Promote Weight Loss!

Consuming too much carbs can negatively affect your insulin and glucose levels. When you ditch the starches from your diet you will lower the sugar and insulin levels.

When you have high levels of sugar in your body, you can become susceptible to getting type 2 diabetes, dementia, or a cardiovascular disease.

Therefore, the best way for becoming more fit is lowering the amount of carbs you will eat on a daily basis.

Advantages of a Low-Carb Diet:

When you start a low carb diet, it means that you are eliminating the carbs from your diet and you consume more protein and healthy fats.

When you get on this type of diet you will reduce your cravings and eat fewer calories, which will altogether contribute to weight loss.

A lot of studies show that every low-carb diet is very effective for losing weight and fat. It is also great for lowering the levels of blood glucose as well as triglycerides. These diets are also amazing when it comes to fast weight loss and are much better than low-calorie and low-fat diets because your health won’t be harmed.

Here Is How Many Carbs You Should Eat Every Day to Lose Weight:

20-50 grams daily

Whether you want to lose weight or regulate your diabetes, you should eat 20-50g of carbs consistently.

When you do this for a longer period, your body will actually use the stored fat as a form of energy. In this manner, you will lose weight and have less cravings.

You can eat these carbs:

  • Low-carb veggies
  • Some berries
  • Be careful with the carbs from nuts, seeds, and avocados

50-100 grams daily

If you don’t want to lose weight drastically you should eat around 50-100g of carbs each day.

This is a great option if you want to keep carbs in your daily diet, but still get fit.

You can eat these carbs:

  • 2-3 fruits daily
  • All veggies
  • Only a little starchy carbs

100-150 grams daily

If you don’t need to lose weight, but want to maintain your weight and stay healthy, you should eat around 100-150g of carbs per day.

You can eat these carbs:

  • All veggies
  • A few pieces of fruit daily
  • Small amounts of healthy starches: potatoes, sweet potatoes; and oats;

You should find the best eating regime that will suit your needs and make you feel the best version of yourself. Also, you should consult your doctor before you make any big changes so you can make the necessary dietary improvements the right way.

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