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7 Signs Of Vitamin B12 Deficiency You Should Never Ignore

Everybody knows how important it is to eat fruits and vegetables and get as many vitamins as we can. We get the vitamins and minerals mostly from the food we eat. However, as we become older our body isn’t able to absorb that much vitamin B12. This vitamin is crucial for the red blood cell creation in our DNA. Many people don’t regard this vitamin as an important one, but it shouldn’t be ignored.

We should consume more foods that contain vitamin B12, or take supplements if you lack this vitamin.

Here are the main issues and signs you will experience if you have this vitamin deficiency:

Troubles staying awake: Don’t immediately assume that you lack this vitamin if you have the first sign. You should observe yourself and see whether you still feel exhausted after sleeping for eight hours every night. If this is the case, you might lack vitamin B12 because it creates red blood cells, which help our body function. If you aren’t getting plenty of oxygen in the body or you don’t produce plenty of red blood cells, it means that you are not taking enough vitamin B12.

Weak muscles: You need oxygen in order to have strong muscles, and the red blood cells which send the oxygen to the cells require vitamin B12. When you lack this vitamin, your muscles will feel weak.

Memory loss: Vitamin B12 makes red blood cells that distribute the oxygen to the brain. When your brain lacks oxygen it won’t function properly and you will have brain fog. You should increase the dose of vitamin B12 if you don’t want to experience memory loss.

Pale skin: If you have yellow skin it is because your red blood cells that release bilirubin are broken. Also, another symptom of pale and yellow skin is jaundice, which is why you should visit a doctor.

Red and smooth tongue: You have probably notices that you have small red bumps on your tongue. When your body lacks vitamin B12 you will no longer have those bumps on the tongue. You may also feel pain in the back of your tongue.

Eye Issues: If the vitamin B12 deficiency is severe, you might have a damaged optic nerve in the eye. You might have double vision, or vision loss. Visit your doctor immediately so you can be sure what the real issue is.

Gut imbalance: Each body contains healthy bacteria which is responsible for breaking down the food and allowing us to absorb every nutrient. If a bacterial imbalance occurs we can experience improper nutrient absorption.

If you see that your body lacks vitamin B12 you should change your eating habits first. Consume more foods such as chicken, beef, lamb, and fish. You can also take supplements, which are excellent if you don’t eat meat.

Also, you may include more probiotics such as kombucha, kefir, and dark chocolate. When you consume these ingredients you will absorb vitamin B12 easily. Another thing to do is to stop eating foods which cause inflammation such as fast food, fried food, packaged food, food additives, and low-quality meats. When you stop consuming them you will improve the quality of your gut.

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