Coffe And Cinnamon COFFEE BREAK 9 Things Women Must Avoid To Lose Weight After 35

9 Things Women Must Avoid To Lose Weight After 35

When people get older their digestion starts to slow down. The whole metabolism slows down and if you aren’t being cautious you can gain weight really easy and before you know it you can become overweight.

Therefore, you should always be informed about the things you should do after the age of 35. Here is a simple list of what you can do in order to stay in shape.

9 Things Women Must Avoid To Lose Weight After 35

  1. Soda

Soda contains too much sugar and a lot of dangerous compounds that are linked with cancer. Other things that are linked with drinking soda are infertility and conceiving issues. Therefore you should find some healthier options and ditch the soda for good.


You will notice that after the age of 40 your body will change a lot, particularly your skin. The collagen and elastin production slows down, which makes your skin unable to stay firm. You will mostly see fine lines around the eyes.

You should know that aging is a process that can’t be avoided, but can definitely be slowed down. The biggest cause for wrinkles is definitely sugar. Even though you don’t eat sugar on its own, many foods contain a lot of sugar. Therefore, be careful when buying things and always read the labels.

3.Canned Soup

Canned products are full with sodium, which makes approximately 40% of the daily suggested admission in one serving. Many studies prove that there is a connection between skin aging and hypertension. Therefore, if you replace the canned products with natural ones you will have lower blood pressure and a better skin condition.

4.Beers and Cocktails

When we get older our body isn’t able to process the food and drinks the same way as when we were younger. You may have noticed that after a night of drinking you can’t get much sleep and you tend to reach for sugar afterwards. When you get drunk you will have cravings and you will eat more calories than you would normally eat. Therefore, pay attention to the amount of alcohol you consume so you can stay in shape.

5.White Bread

When you eat bread you should pick multi-grain bread or bagels for a good start of the day. The refined carbs from white bread are transformed into glucose and that causes wrinkles on our face. Whole-grain items will improve your digestion, keep the blood glucose levels low and keep you fit.

6.Diet Soda and Sugar-Free Snacks

It is proven that artificial sweeteners will make you gain weight, especially in your midsection. You should ditch all sugar-free drinks and snacks and instead try healthier alternatives that will keep you healthy.

7.Iced Coffee

Coffee is good for the digestion and in giving energy. However, if consumed too much you can have troubles sleeping. So, when you don’t get enough sleep it will show on your face in the form of wrinkles. You should know the amount of coffee that works best for you so you can function properly. Also, you can try drinking green tea instead of coffee to get that energy, and detox the body as well.


Margarine contains a lot of trans fats that can cause heart attack since it elevates the levels of bad cholesterol in the body. Also, it can make your skin age faster than it would usually do. You should switch the margarine with olive oil because it contains many compounds that are excellent for the skin.


Bacon contains around 70% fat, out of which half of it is saturated, and that causes saggy skin. The fat can make you gain weight and raise the chances of getting a heart disease. The compounds in bacon can change the structures of the elastin and collagen in the body which is the real reason for wrinkles. Therefore, be careful about the amount you eat so you can stay healthy and fit.

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