Coffe And Cinnamon COFFEE BREAK 6 Amazing Benefits of Skin Icing

6 Amazing Benefits of Skin Icing

Skin icing has become very popular these days because it promises a better looking skin. It has a wide range of benefits, which is why beauty experts use it all the time.

Skin icing improves the blood circulation, refreshes the face, and fights wrinkles, which makes the skin look healthy.

You should do skin icing each morning and evening. It won’t take much of your time and you can do it anywhere.


  1. Cleanse the face first.
    2. Take couple of ice cubes and wrap them into a soft cloth such as gauze or a washcloth.
    3. When the cloth gets damp you should apply it to your face.
    4. Hold it on your face in each area for couple of minutes.
    5. Move the cubes in circular motions all over the face.
    6. After that apply toner and moisturizer.


Smooth skin: Your pores will be less visible and your skin will be smooth.

Pore Primer: When you do this technique before you apply make-up you will minimize the pores and the make-up will glide smoothly on your skin.

Improves Circulation: Skin icing constricts the blood vessels and increases the blood circulation. If you suffer from swelling and inflammation you will solve this issue with skin icing.

Great For Puffy Eyes: Since skin icing reduces swollen areas, it will reduce your under eye bags.

Wrinkle Buster: Skin icing will slow down the appearance of any new wrinkles.

Blemish Control: Ice will reduce any redness, pimples, and swelling, as well as irritated skin.

When you notice a pimple coming up you should put some ice cube on it to soothe the inflammation and blemishes. Hold the ice cube on the specific area until that place starts to feel numb. When you do this method on an acne prone skin you will help any topical antibiotics get in the pores.


– You can do skin icing with placing whole ice cubes on your skin and hold them for a while. However, you will need to use gloves because you won’t be able to hold the cubes after some time.
– When you use bare ice without any cloth don’t apply it straight from the freezer because it might break the capillaries that are under your skin.
– If your capillaries are broken you shouldn’t use this method, or use it for a short time.
– Don’t hold the cubes longer than 15 minutes. You should stop the treatment when you feel uncomfortable.
– If you want to achieve better results you should add some green tea, cucumber, rosewater, or chamomile tea into the water for the ice cubes.

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