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What Do Sleeping Positions Say About Your Relationship?

It is really amazing what the sleeping position in a relationship can tell about the feelings the partners have towards each other. Psychologists have selected the most common positions and made analyses.

You may notice that your sleeping positions have changed throughout your relationship, but don’t worry because it’s perfectly normal.


This position when usually the man hugs the woman from behind is the most common sleeping position. This position is very intimate and symbolizes happy and stable relationship.

Loosely Tethered

This position is very common among people who are many years in a stable relationship. It resembles the spoon position, yet the partners have more space. This indicates that they are still emotionally involved, but give each other space.


The person who most often spoons their partner turns their back so that they can be spooned. This position is a sign of invitation in a lot of relationships.

Honeymoon Hug

This sleeping position is very affectionate, yet also very uncomfortable for sleeping. This shows that the couple is devoted to one another, but also dependent.


This sleeping position suggests that the couple is in a long term committed relationship and is comfortable with each other. The female’s head is usually on the partner’s shoulder, but it usually signifies that the person wants focus and attention.

Sweetheart’s Cradle

This is a more intimate position than Shingles position. One partner cuddles the other partner which suggests protection and nurturing.

Leg Hug

In this position the partners sleep separated but maintain a contact with their leg. They still keep a distance, but express affection through a leg hug. This can mean that they want to have their own sleeping space, or it can mean that they had a fight.

Zen Style

The couple that sleeps in this position wants to have their own space. In order to show affection they touch their bottoms and/or backs. They are very independent.

The Cliff Hanger

This sleeping position is when one sleeps on one side and the other sleeps on the other side of the bed. The partners keep their distance. You should avoid sleeping in this position. This can also mean that one of the partners snores.

The Crab

This position can mean two things. It can either suggest that the person who is falling off the bed can’t find a comfy position, or it can mean that he/she is trying to get away. It may mean that the relationship is coming to an end.


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